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A. SAFE EQUIPMENT- Use only Standard Electrical Appliances and Components:

  • Please use electrical appliances, cords and fixtures with ISI mark only.
  • Please use power plugs equipped with Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) which is also called Residual current circuit breaker (RCCB).

  • Please follow correct specifications when replacing electrical fuses.

  • Please do not use any electrical appliance without an Earth wire connection.

  • Earth wire connected to equipment body  

  • Please ensure switch boards at a safe height and out of reach of children.

  • Please cover all unused electrical outlets or use electrical outlets with inbuilt shutters.


B. COMPETENT ELECTRICIAN - Call Qualified Electricians only:

  • Please call a qualified electrician to carry out any electrical repair and wiring.


C. SAFE PRACTICES- User Safety Tips:

  • Please do not overload circuits and install additional circuits if needed.

  • Please do not replace the electrical fuse unless the fault is identified & rectified.
  • Please do not insert bare wires into electrical plug sockets. Always use suitable two-pin or three-pin plugs while connecting any electrical appliance.

  • Please keep all electrical appliances and equipments dry and away from water.
  • Please do not operate any electrical equipment with wet hands or body.
  • Please unplug all electrical appliances when not in use.
  • Please keep electric hot iron or other electrically charged equipments away from children.
  • Please turn off all electrical equipments before leaving the house.
  • Please do not use worn-out, frayed, damaged cords or appliances.
  • Please avoid usage of electrical extension cords. If required, then please ensure that it is rated correctly. Avoid cords running through doors, walls, floors or any other location where it could get damaged. Please read carefully all manuals and manufacturer’s instructions before use.


D. EMERGENCY RESPONSE - In case of emergency:

  • In case of fire due to electrical short circuit, please do not use water. Please switch OFF the mains immediately and do not touch any electrical connection, as it may still be live.
  • If anybody gets an electrical shock, please do not touch the person with bare hands to protect. Immediately switch OFF the supply and use wooden stick to rescue.  Arrange for Medical treatment immediately.